Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jharkhand elections : Bokaro and AAP

Jharkhand Vidhan sabha election : Bokaro and AAP

by Arvind Kumar

Jharkhand vidhan sabha is at the dawn and all political party have begun their campaign to make a decent mark at the 81 seat assembly.The big players are
1. Bjp

And the new entrant are


1.Bjp would like to ride on its Modi wave and repeat the performance of loksabha winning a majority on its own.

2.Congress will like to make a comeback after a thrashing defeat in many States and then in lok sabha.

3.JVM,JMM,AJSU enjoys a good local support which was evident from their last time performance .But their ability. to deliver is a matter of debate since the human index parameter have not improve much in their constituencies.

4.TMC ,JDU and RJD would like to spread their foothold from their current mother state and would like to write new stories for the land of forest.

5.What about AAP ?
AAP raised many hopes in the most corrupt state of India since its formation in the capital. Soon,there were many people joining the movement from streets and corners of the state and many new offices sprouted in no time.It enjoyed huge response from cities like Bokaro,Jamsedhpur,Dhanbad,Ranchi.

What next ?
A survey conclues that 80% of the people are fed up with the current government and want to change their MLA. AAP can surely fill this void given they stand out to the present challenges. Given the current scenario where the party is fighting for its renaissance, a strong and fresh leadership can resurrect the movement again.Hit by massive corruption since its formation ,the state has no where to go but forward .
Bokaro had great  youth and educated force which is migrating to other state in need of job and colleges. The state governmeant is a big failure.The issue of displaced continue bothering even after 40 years of industrialisation . There are no strong policies toward school and coaching centres .Encroachment is yet another problem. THe challenges are unlimited . A manifesto for the district taking up major problems and their solution will be step advantage against the rest of parties which have never shown any interest to solve the issues and just politicize them .Winning back the lost confidence of people is definately their biggest hurdle.
Surely AAP can deliver a lot more than any political party working in the state for almost a decade and half, only if given a chance to prove.