Thursday, August 8, 2013

Use your old PS/2 devices with your new Karbon smart tab: 4 simple steps

Hi Friends,
 I finally got my new Karbonn smart tab 2 .With the price range, the facility its offering are great. Surely a 5 star from my side. Apart from the video chatting issue and a little hiccups now and then, it running absolutely wonderfully. But there was some problem.

I still was clung to my old habbis of using mouse and keyboard while working at home. I have an  old , not working PC kept there with a spare PS/2 mouse and keyboard(those with round input cables). I thought of integrating them and use the comfort of laptop on tablets and that too at such a small price range.

So I began my research and found that my tablet will support USB devices. But I didn't have one and wanted to use my old PS/2 devices to utilize them to save any extra expense. So I did some more googling and came out with a solution.

 Here is a detail step by step process of doing that :

 1. Buy a PS/2 convertor from the market. Its starting price range is Rs 70. With a little bargaining you can get it at around Rs 60.

 2. You have been provided an OTG CABLE with the Karbonn Smart tab. Now,its time to use it . Connect the new convertor with the tablet using the OTG cable. Now attach the two PS/2 devices with the two port of convertor cable, one for mouse and other for keyboard.

 3. On attaching the devices , you will get a keyboard symbol displayed at the status bar. You will also get a mouse icon once everything is properly set up. 

(*Note : At times , it may happen that the devices don't connect at the very first attempt. Keep removing the OTG CABLE and re plugging it till the mouse and keyboard start working.)

 4 Once , set and done you can use the peripherals just like you do at your laptop.

 With these simple 4 steps and extra expense of Rs 70, you can utilize the old devices with your KARBONN tab and get the comfort of a desktop at home.

 If you have any trouble doing it ,please write it back to me.

making your first blog

Hello friends,
I know many of you outthere reading this is a great writter but don't know exactly where and how to start.

If you want to start blogging and don't know where to start, relax because you are at the right place. Getting started is the most difficut stage for every blogger. Once you get through this , there is no stopping.

So, the first question which you will be wondering as a starter is that why to blog? If you are investing so much time in keying so many information then the question should  pop up that why to do it?

The answer is simple................. For making money. But how?

There are two ways

-> Get your own domain name registered and get a web hosting . Link those sites to your blogging service provider like blogger or wordpress. There is lot of information regarding how to do this on the web. You can also get trial domain registered on the web for free.

That's sound a little complicated. Right ?? Don't worry , there is a simple method too.

-> Sign into blogger with your google login.It will provide you free web hosting service with a free domian name    eg. Just edit your blog , chose a template and publish it.

->To get ads, register with google adsense and place it to your blog. for eg. If I am writing about " Make money by trading" I can post sharekhan add near it.There are many site which will link your blog to the user . One of them is www.linkfromblog and help you earn more..

Once you are satisfied with your content , publish the writing. Be sure to be interactive , humorous at times, friendly and simple .

It should simplify the things for the reader rather than confusing him.Try avoiding technical term and better quote it in proper english to reach  a massive crowd.

So once done,publish it and relax and hope for the best to happen.

Enjoy your experience sharing.
I hope this small information will be useful to all my readers.

Arvind Roy
Keep sharing  , keep learning.