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Club inauguration ceremony @ BIT,Mesra for 2k14

A blog on yesterday's club inauguration ceremony,

Club inauguration ceremony @ BIT,Mesra for 2k14

13th August, 2014; Mesra:
Have you ever eaten a grand maharaja thali? So many options leave you literally blank with what to have at the start.

Well!! The same could be said abut the Club inauguration ceremony for 2k14 batch @ Bit, Mesra which took place on 13th of August, 2014. As many as 20 official clubs presented themselves before the fresher’s, some culturally oriented, some technically oriented, some socially oriented while some adventure based. Each one looked as attractive and funnier to be a part of.

Remembering some of the names, I can broadly classify them as

1. Technical Clubs
• Clubs like IEEE, SAE, IETE, and Robolution were technical clubs which will help you apply your technical knowledge and your learning in class to the real world problems.
• It will definitely add stars to your resume and will help you get that extra advantage during the placements.

2. Cultural Clubs
• There are many clubs suiting your hobby and passion. From painting, music, drama, ramp walk, singing to poetry, writing, photography….you have it all.
• Some of  which I remembered  were Fine Arts, Dance clubs, Ehsaas, Music club, Literature and poetry, Photography, Dramatics

3. Social Clubs
• Since, we have now moved to college from schools, it’s high time to understand our social responsibility toward our mother nation. To help you in doing so and actually being the change we want to see, BIT have many social clubs which range from working in the camps to outside.
• Few of the clubs were LEO, EPAC, EHSAAS, and ROTARACT

4. Adventure clubs
• Although many of these social and cultural clubs boast of being adventurous along with all their activities, there is a dedicated club for planning your trekking, rock climbing, camping etc
• Sports and Adventure club will not only help you with your physical fitness teaching you various games and even some form of defense arts like Judo, they will make sure you don’t miss any nearby adventurous spots planning outings now and then.

So many stuffs, Right??
What more do you want?  Oh you missed the last event and want to get updated. No problem. The next club exactly does that.

• This club is for all budding journalist within you. This club officially boasts of having a connection with the real media world and will be your window to connect to them.
• Be it any event, an interview, an issue, or anything editorial, if you have a passion to bring out the truth, this is your platform. So get ready to publish your own wiki leaks.
• You can also work as a freelancer to this club posting your story on their email id.

So the list finally ends. I don’t know about you guys, but I wanna taste as much stuff as I can from this maharaja thali.

The ceremony began at around 6 in the evening with a lovely lady holding a mic. She briefed the inauguration ceremony. It was already a huge crowd and many have to stand at whatever place they could fit it to witness the show.
One by one every club presented their presentation within the stipulated time limit they had. The funny noise from the back brought the mood a little humorous. Dance show set the mood going for the rest of the evening. I can’t remember the song; I guess my eyes were more active during the event than my ears. With little hiccups now and then, the show ended petty well with the dramatics guys ending it dramatically leaving the freshers with so many options to choose from.The sky is only the limit with so many good opportunities for all the freshers.

 All the best !!

Arvind Roy

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